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All lectures take place from 15:00 to 18:00 at the University of Amsterdam (James Wattstraat 78 – JWS, Zaal 1) Côte-dIvoire_Girl-and-waterThursday, September 11 Professor Dr. Jan Pronk, ISS Former Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation and of Housing and Environment Former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Theme: How can we learn from the past? The history of the MDGs, and the post-2015 development agenda – what needs to change and how can we do it? Thursday, September 18 Professor Dr. Joyeeta Gupta UvA and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education Theme: Inclusive Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals: a discussion of the current draft and its 17 goals. How can development be more inclusive? Thursday, September 25 Dr. Nicky Pouw UvA, Governance and Inclusive Development Research Group Theme: How do we reach the poorest of the poor? Will the SDG’s live up to their goals of leaving nobody behind? Thursday, October 2 Dr. Uta Wehn UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Knowledge and Capacity Development in Integrated Water Systems and Governance Theme: How can we use the SDGs to guide effective knowledge transfer globally and locally to promote capacity development and inclusive use of water resources? Thursday, October 9 Dr. Rivke Jaffe UvA, Center for Urban Studies Theme: Does “security” need to be part of the new development agenda? What does security mean for the SDG’s and how does a concern about how security impact inclusive development? Thursday, October 30 Dr. Wendy Harcourt ISS, Gender and Development Theme: How should gender be addressed in the SDGs? Why is attention to gender important in promoting in inclusive development? Thursday, November 6 Dr. Xavier Bonal UvA and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Education and International Development Theme: How should the SDGs address education in promoting inclusive development? What needs to change in the post-MDG framework? Thursday, November 13 Ms. Pascalle Grotenhuis Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of Division Private Sector, CSR and Infrastructure at the Dutch Coordinator post-Millennium Development Goals Theme: How can public-private partnerships become part of the post-2015 development agenda to promote inclusive development? Thursday, November 20 Dr. Kristin Cheney ISS, Children and Youth Studies Theme: Why does the post-2015 development agenda need to pay more attention to children’s issues? Is inclusive development possible without such a focus? Thursday, November 27 Ms. Kitty van der Heijden Director at the World Resources Institute and Dutch representative to Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals Theme: What are the priorities of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and what should they be? How is the international community coming together and what is the current status of the discussions at the United Nations? Thursday, December 4 Professor Dr. Isa Baud UvA, Governance and Inclusive Development Research Group, and President at the European Association of Development and Training Institutes Theme: How and why should inclusive development reach out to the middle class? Is true development possible without their participation?

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