When Neoliberalism and Deep Democracy run in Parallel - Brazil's Development Strategy

18 November 2010 (Block 3: Development Strategies)


About the lecture:
Throughout history Brazil has witnessed a broad range of politico-economical development configurations. Since the return to democracy Brazil has developed itself to one of the most important emerging economies in the world, also expanding its political influence. Remarkable about the case of Brazil is the interesting mix of neoliberal economic policies and unprecedented left-wing visions and experiments, putting Brazil on a stable path of growth while ensuring a larger part of the population than before reaps the benefits.

Dr. John Sydenstricker Neto
John Sydenstricker Neto is research associate at the Center for the Study of the Metropolis at CEBRAP. He has extensive knowledge on urban governance issues and environment sociology. For the public sector he has participated in several research projects in areas such as social and environmental vulnerability, environmental health, and education. John Sydenstricker has gathered more than 25 years of field research in rural and urban settings, poor neighborhoods, and with various stakeholders.

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