Voice Over

22 September 2011 (Block 1: Theories and Approaches to Social Justice)


About the lecture:

Voice Over
VoiceOver is a network of people from developing countries. Members contribute their knowledge and opinion to the debate on development cooperation in the Netherlands from a Southern perspective. Through a special website they share ideas, plans, photos, videos and valuable information on real-life experiences in developing countries with each other, politicians, journalists and the Dutch public at large.


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  1. Freedom to Access the Internet in Developing Countries

    The uprisings this past spring in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and across the Middle East have demonstrated how valuable an instrument the Internet is for exposing social injustice and consequently perpetuating change.

    Access to all of the resources and knowledge that the Internet has to offer, as well as the ability to freely disseminate information on the web should be guaranteed for citizens of all countries.

    Internet censorship in countries like China, Iran, and North Korea represent governments that are attempting to keep their populations in the dark about issues that could perhaps undermine their control. China, for instance, made every attempt to limit the ability of its population to access footage or information about the uprisings in Egypt and throughout the Middle East over the spring and summer. This was most likely an attempt to prevent revolutionary fervor from developing among the population as it had been across the Middle East.

    Despite the countries that censor their Internet, many nations don’t even have the infrastructure or technological capabilities to provide Internet to their people. Developed nations, and even Internet providers themselves should make every effort, to provide Internet to developing countries to assure that the entire world has equal access to this vast wealth of information and all of the opportunity it offers.

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