The Governance of education: Challenges in promoting equity and enhancing quality

8 October 2009 (Block 2: Governing Human Capabilities)


About the lecture:
This lecture discusses the notion of education governance paying attention to the meaning of ‘(good enough) governance’, why it has become popular in recent years, and the implications of this for education. Special attention is given to key education governance reforms globally and the implications for equity and quality. A particular focus of the lecture is education decentralisation paying particular attention to policy and practise in different contexts. This session will also discuss the privatisation and semi-privatisation of education services in a global context.

Dr. Yusuf Sayed
Yusuf Sayed is a Reader in International Education at the University of Sussex and a Senior Research Fellow at the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa. Yusuf is an education policy specialist with a career in international education and development research. Previously Yusuf was Senior Policy Analyst at the EFA Global Monitoring Report, UNESCO, Team Leader for Eductaion and Skills and the Department for International Development UK, and Head of Department of Comparative Eductaion at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Yusuf’s research focuses on education policy formulation and implementation as it relates to concerns of equity, social justice, and transformation. He has researched and authored and edited numerous books and published extensively in the field focusing on education exclusion and inclusion; education governance and the role of the state; equity, financing and education; education quality and teacher education. Yusuf’s current research interest focuses on the effects of fee charging in education and education quality as it relates to issues of equity, rights and justice.

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