Social Justice and Human Wellbeing

29 September 2011 (Block 1: Theories and Approaches to Social Justice)


About the lecture:

Professor Dr. J. Allister McGregor J. Allister McGregor
Allister McGregor uses his background in economics and anthropology to study the ways
that systems of governance and the formulation and implementation of development policies
impact upon poor people. His most recent work has been on conceptualising and then
operationalising a social conception of wellbeing both as a way of critically analysing the
persistence of poverty and as a means of re-evaluating development policy and practice. He
is currently using the wellbeing to framework in the ongoing study of fishing communities in
South and Southeast Asia, where there are conflicts between conservation and poverty policy
objectives. He has a programme of research collaboration with colleagues in Thailand and has
a particular interest in the nature of development processes in that country.

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