Litigating Socio-Economic Rights: A Comparative Perspective

20 September 2011 (Block 1: Theories and Approaches to Social Justice)


About the lecture:

Professor Dr. Barbara Oomen Barbera Oomen
Barbara Oomen is a lawyer and a political scientist. She holds an endowed chair in legal pluralism at the University of Amsterdam, and a chair in the sociology of rights at Utrecht University. She teaches courses on human rights, legal pluralism and transitional justice at the Roosevelt Academy and in Amsterdam Her research concerns the sociology of human rights in the context of cultural diversity, in countries ranging from South Africa and Rwanda to the Netherlands. She is a member of the human rights commission of the Netherlands Advisory Council on International Affairs, and a former member of the Constitutional Review Commission.

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2 thoughts on “Litigating Socio-Economic Rights: A Comparative Perspective

  1. I cannot open the last reading (as in, the screen turns gray, and there is no article to find). Can you please put the right link on, since there is no title given, I cannot search it myself either..

    • Nike,

      There was actually a mess up with the formatting. The two articles that begin with “Litigating” are one and the same. On my computer I was able to open up both, but as I said they are actually the same document. Please try again.


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