Global governance of education in an unequal world: agendas, programs and prospects

29 October 2009 (Block 2: Governing Human Capabilities)


About the lecture:
This lecture shows, first, how globalization challenges state authority, alters the priorities of governments and re-scales the power relations. Second, it shows how these transformations are specially affecting the developing world. The arguments are based in the education sector, but, to a great extend, they could be applied to other policy areas.

Special emphasis will be given to the role of international organizations intervening in the education for development field. In particular, the lecturer refers here to the content and omissions of the education policy agendas of these organizations, as well as to their problematic governance structures.

Dr. Antoni Verger
Antoni Verger was awarded a PhD on Sociology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) for his work on the WTO/GATS and Education. In the context of the UAB, he has worked in the research projects “Globalization and inequalities in Latin America” and “Beyond Targeting the Poor: Education, development and anti-poverty policies in South America”.

He has been a post-doctoral researcher at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) of the Universiteit van Amsterdam between 2007 ans 2011. In the framework of the IS Academy Education and Development (Minbuza+UvA), he has carried out research in the areas of the global governance of education (with a focus on international organizations and transnational civil society networks), education privatization, and higher education and international development (

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