Building Civil Society: Donor-driven or Civic-driven Change?

23 September 2010 (Block 1: Aiding Development: Motivation and Aid Architecture)


About the lecture:
Development was long considered either the task of a proactive government or the natural result of letting the hidden hand in economy do its work. More recently the debate has seen the entry of a new actor: civil society. In this lecture the shifts in responsibilities of the different actors driving development will be discussed.

Dr. Kees Biekart
Kees Biekart is a senior lecturer in Political Sociology at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. His research focuses on the role of NGOs, social movements, and civil society groups in social and political change processes with a particular focus on Latin America. His most recent work explores the notion of civic-driven change together with Alan Fowler (South Africa) and an international community of practitioners and researchers.

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