Approaches to Social Justice

13 September 2011 (Block 1: Theories and Approaches to Social Justice)


About the lecture:
In addition to a brief introduction to the course and the Lecture Series, this class will focus on current concepts of and approaches to Social Justice.

Dr. Maarten Bavinck
Dr. J.M Bavinck obtained his Masters degree from the Free University of Amsterdam in Sociology/Social Anthropology in 1981 and his PhD from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in 1998 with the dissertation: One sea, three contenders. Legal pluralism in the inshore fisheries of the Coromandel Coast, India. He now works as assistant professor in the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies at the UvA. He is also the director of the Centre of Maritime Research (MARE), a joint initiative between the UvA and the Wageningen University. In addition to teaching, Maarten is currently directing a NWO/WOTRO funded CoCooN project entitled Re-incorporating the excluded: providing space for small-scale fishers in the sustainable development of fisheries of South Africa and South Asia’ and as such is conducting research in India, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

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