Aiding Development: The Way Forward

9 December 2010 (Block 3: Development Strategies)


About the lecture:
The Ambassador for Development Cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will discuss the recent policy choices, elaborating on the conclusions of the WRR report and its impact on the new government, and what criticism of the WRR on current policies can be countered. He will specifically address the tension between alleviating poverty and fostering economic growth.

Drs. Maarten Brouwer
Maarten Brouwer is Ambassador-at-Large for Innovation, Coherence & Knowledge Management at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this position, one of his responsibilities is to act as the special ambassador for development cooperation in the Netherlands. From 1997 to 2000 he was stationed in Sudan as deputy head of development cooperation at the Dutch embassy in Khartoum.

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