Aiding Development: The New Donors

30 September 2010 (Block 1: Motivation and Aid Architecture)


About the lecture:
For a long time in aid history, aid and development remained exclusively the domain of Western public and semi-public sectors, with private initiatives taking only marginal positions. More recently the landscape of aid has started to change significantly with the emergence of new donors. Both countries outside the traditional Western hemishphere, such as China, as well as private foundations have started to make a larger impact. This lecture will address these changes.

Dr. Erik Lundsgaarde
Erik Lundsgaarde is a Research Fellow at the Deutsches Institut fur Entwicklungspolitik/German Development Institute (DIE) in Bonn. He began working in this position in 2008, after obtaining his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Washington. At the German Development Institute, his primary focus is on a research project that seeks to explore long-term changes in the global development landscape, with a special emphasis on development in Africa. He has also contributed to the European Development Cooperation to 2020 (EDC 2020) research programme, working on the role of emerging non-state actors in development cooperation.;expand:Staff%5CResearch%20Staff

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