Aiding Development: Supporting Education

21 October 2010 (Block 2: The Driving Forces)


About the lecture:
Although traditionally a prime focus in development, as health, the WRR argues that investments in education does not necessarily promote development. The focus on universal access of primary education may be a noble goal in itself, but may undermine efforts to improve the quality of education. Furthermore, inspuring education models on Western examples often results in a mismatch between the skills of those finishing their education and the demand present in the labour market. This lecture will address the role education has played in development, and may play in the future.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Sayed
Yusuf Sayed is a Reader in International Education at the University of Sussex and a Senior Research Fellow at the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa. Yusuf us an education policy specialist with a career in international education and development research with previous positions at various universities, institutes and organisations. Yusuf?s research focuses on education policy formulation and implementation related to concerns of equity, social justice, and transformation. He has authored and edited numerous books and published extensively in the field, focusing on education exclusion and inclusion; education governance and the role of the state; equoity, financing and education; education quality and teacher education. Yusuf?s current research interest focuses on the effects of fee charging in education and education quality related to issues of equity, rights and justice.

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