Aiding Development: Investing in Health

14 October 2010 (Block 2: The Driving Forces)


About the lecture:
Health has traditionally been one of the major focuspoints in aid and development. Although prominently featuring in the MDG's, the investments in health are also criticised. It cannot be denied that investments in the sector have managed to increase health conditions in many countries, but it is argued that it does not contribute to economic development. Conversely, some studies show that economic growth does increase health conditions. This lecture looks at this debate and discusses the role and future of health in aid and development.

Prof. Dr. Sjaak van der Geest
Sjaak van der Geest is Professor Emeritus in Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He has worked on a large variety of themes, including perceptions and practices concerning sexual relationships and birth control, the use and distribution of Western pharmaceuticals in non-Western communities, perceptions of sanitation and waste management, and social and cultural meanings of old age. He has an impressive list of published articles and books on these and other themes. He is founder and editor-in chief of the journal Medische Antropologie

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