Aiding Development: Africa's Potentials and Needs

25 November 2010 (Block 3: Development Strategies)


About the lecture:
Compared to the emerging economies discussed in previous lectures, the situation on the African continent is substantially different. Few countries manage to develop sustainable growth and while conflict is decreasing worldwide, Africa shows an opposite trend. It is therefore a continent that deserves special attention. This lecture will focus on the hopes and fears of Africa.

Prof. Dr. Ton Dietz
Ton Dietz is the director of the African Studies Centre in Leiden, the Netherlands. Throughout his academic career he has demonstrated a deep interest in the continent of Africa, without focusing on just one single issue. He has visited the continent on numerous occasions and developed a special interest in Kenya and Ghana. Teaching, research and publications have covered a broad array of themes and topics, including the fate of pastoralists and dryland development, environment and climate change, participatory evaluation of development initiatives, and cultural identity in relation to development.

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